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Begin here, right now, with yourself.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

― Margaret Mead

Where do we begin?  I’ve asked myself that question so many times, ‘Where do I begin?’ Well…guidance whispers, ‘here, right now, with yourself’.  So we set out on missions to change things; the world, our community, but it all starts with US. We change ourselves first. We take our life experiences and we reflect on them.  How does it make me feel to continue on thinking the way I always have? How does it feel to live ‘right’?

By that I mean, to truly do what I feel is best for myself and the world that is within my control.  For me, it is the simple things. Wake up and meditate, take some action; walk, exercise, move my body, do some yoga, PRAY. What tasks need to be taken care of, within the circle of my life; bills paid, groceries bought, eat well, spend time with people I love, laugh – as much as I possibly can, being of service – helping another. 

These things “right size me’. All of this then leads to intrinsically coming to know what makes me feel good living my life and in THE world in which I live. Then we have a basis of understanding. I know what doesn’t make me feel good or aligned. So I lean in the other direction. 

Like attracts like! When we live in such a way, we draw to us people and circumstances that energetically match us.  It’s not to say, shitty people won’t rub up against us. We just won’t be so bothered by them. As we continue, we grow and gather people that feel and desire to live as such and we set off together to make small changes – first within ourselves, and in our community, then in the world.  It all begins with US. A primary purpose to live right and be of service to others IS where the magic happens.

Today I choose to know that which feels right and I set out to do

it as often as I can I attract the Magic of the Universe.

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