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Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Here is where we are. I loved the book by Ram Dass, Be Here Now. A book gifted to me by a friend. His words and understandings about the HERE changed me and how I see life and the world around me. Here is the only important moment. What is before the Here is gone and what comes after it, is not promised. Be Here Now, I offer to you.

We are at a time in our existence that will be written about and possibly taught in schools at some point later on in life. The same way we learned about The Battle of Gettysburg, The Holocaust, The Attack on Pearl Harbor, this Pandemic we are in the midst of may fall in line with the historical events that make up our history as a Planet. This is global, a Universal reset. I believe in the Higher purposes of all things. The normal day to day, bumping into someone at the grocery store who you may have thought of days or hours before seeing them. They tell you something that shifts you, or you offer something to them that brings a smile to their face. I believe this time for us, has a golden thread to it. It is fraught with fear and worry, yes. And feelings are real, although they are not facts. When I feel my feelings, which is something that I only came to do in full, about a decade ago. Some of those feelings hit my body as bluntly and severely as I can imagine a bullet feeling. The feelings floating around in the atmosphere during this time, and during those difficult times in our past, have force. I have had to learn some hard lessons in my life. As a recovering addict, someone who naturally took the path of lessening the notion to feel and to those like me, not just addicts, many of us humans, this feels like defcon 5. We are at the pinnacle of fear.

What I’ve come to understand is that, the fear of feelings or anything quite honestly is greater than the actuality of its birth. Franklin D. Roosevelt uttered the words that would go down in our history with echoes of truth. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Yes, the feelings of fear can be colossal. They trap themselves in our bodies and minds and cause havoc on our nervous and emotional systems. I have had to come to some enormous understandings if I was to remain sober. I had to learn and acquire tools, greater faith, new understandings and beliefs. This has been a lifetime event. But it is and has been possible so far, and for that I am truly grateful. When Grace is granted upon us, we are lifted out of the life we are in to another place, a divine place.

We are all being lifted, changed, forced to surrender, to abide and to have and call on our faith. We are coming to know a better way, to have a more intimate relationship with the light of who we truly are and want to be.

This coronavirus, although ominous and dark, will be the very inky smudge that will catapult us to a new space, a divine space.

This morning as I sat in my orange chair with my cup of coffee and readied myself for prayer and meditation. Windows open, breeze billowing in, I heard birdsong and church bells from a church nearby. Calling me to listen more closely. The bells rang to a gospel hymn I recall from my catholic upbringing. The place where my faith was birthed. The song that rang in was, Were you there when they crucified my Lord? (click the hear a rendition)

Chills covered my body. I was immediately taken to a place of pure divinity, back to that birth of my faith. I was aware of my presence and most certainly of God’s presence in all of our lives. The same way that fear has an effect on us, so does Love. Love being greater, purer, the highest of all vibrations, hosts the sheer magic of transmuting us to another time and space. I was lifted, I was reminded and I was guided to write this to you. To remind you, that we are not alone, we have our faith, God is everything or he is nothing, we have one another. He is in us, as us. We are being carried through something in order for us to know something more than what we were living as. Unfortunately, the human condition only responds as it does. We need the trials and tribulations to move us, to change us, to grow us.

Some won’t make it through this time, unfortunately, people die every day. God calls us home, when He has decided that we have fulfilled our human experience. Be reminded, that we are here simply because it is His will. His will, not ours, be done is what I pray every day of my life.

Know that we are Here, in this time, at this place in our history as human beings, but we have a spirit within us that is eternal. Our light is to be shone and shared. I hope this reminds you of what is important. Believe that we are walking through the desert hand in hand (glove and glove), masked or not and that we will arrive at a place that will be new and more appreciated. A hug or hand shake will mean something more lovely, a kiss will be that much more beautiful. Time spent with family and friends will be less rushed and filled with Joy. Wait for it…it’s coming! So be the light for one another, listen to the birdsong and the church bells, to the laughter of a child and remember that He has not left us, he is moving us.

I send you all tremendous love & light.

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