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Gina Andreano
Certified Life Coach

Gina Andreano, Certified Life Coach – JRNI Coaching, is the founder of Soul Space Place, a Life Coach and Addiction Recovery practice based in Hoboken, New Jersey. As a Reiki practitioner and Coach, Gina combines energy work with a beautiful way of relating through talk therapy to help each client expand and broaden their awareness so that they might better navigate life.

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Gina’s unique approach will help you heal yourself. I’ve known her for a lifetime and highly recommend her services. It will be a gift you give yourself and may you pass it on to others because that’s what it’s all about a domino effect of healing and wholeness. Enjoy the experience. 

- JohnTraficante

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I had a wonderful reiki session with Gina. I truly felt her healing energy during the session and she was spot on when describing the energy she was picking up in me. It was a reset and a fresh start to my 2018. I highly recommend Gina for anyone looking to release and shift energies as they move forward in the New Year. 

- Susannah Harte

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Gina was born to do this work. Her unique approach to being your true self and living your best life has helped countless people to heal and feel comfort. She has truly found her calling! 

- Diane Romano

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