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Free Coaching Session

Free Consultations are offered for 1st time clients and those new to the coaching experience. This session we will determine whether or not coaching with me is what you're looking for. Also, to answer the questions about the coaching experience you wish to attain.

Note: No actual coaching is done at this session. This is merely a meet and greet. Please refer to services below.

Free Session is 20 minutes 

Free Coaching Session
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Free Coaching Promo

Description: This is for anyone who was matched with me through the JRNI Coaching - Free 30 Minute coaching session process.

Free Coaching Session is 30 minutes 

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Life/Recovery/Spiritual Coaching Sessions 

Description: This is an in-depth, one-on-one uncovering, a reveal. During a session, you will be gently guided to find that place within yourself that is ready to be inspired, waiting to be tapped, that may just need some time and attention in order to restore balance and let some light in. An oracle card pick will close out each session.

Pricing: Coaching Sessions are $125,

50 minutes each

Life Coaching
Zen Stones

Traditional Usui Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese technique for overall relaxation and wellness. It aids in energy balancing, stress reduction and encourages healing by the ‘laying on of hands’. You will leave more alive, at peace and attuned than ever. Every practice is a beautiful experience. Distance Reiki is also offered. An oracle card pick will close out each session.



In -Person Reiki Sessions are $150, 1.5 hours

Distance Reiki Sessions are $100, 1 hour

Reiki Treatment
Zen Stones

Coaching Packages

6 Sessions are $711

(must be used within 3 months)

11 Sessions are $1333

(must be used within 8 months)

For more information, email

Zen Stones
Zen Stones

Between our time

The Space Between...Sometimes, in between sessions, clients may desire additional tools to support their healing journey. Schedule a 20 minute personalized guided meditation and affirmation for whenever you feel called to center yourself and reclaim your inner peace. 


The Space After...The healing process is ever evolving. At any point after completing your sessions, you might still feel compelled to nourish your inner growth in a less intensive way. Schedule a 20 minute personalized guided meditation and affirmation session, for whenever you feel called to quiet the noise, transform your perspective, and restore balance in your life. 



Personalized Guided Meditations & Affirmations are $25, 20 min

Hand Gesture
Between OurTime

Coaching Agreement and Terms

The information contained in the Coaching Agreement is designed to answer some frequently asked questions and provide a deeper understanding of the coaching process. Also covered are fees for single sessions and packages offered, as well as changes, cancellations and rescheduling of appointments.

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