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what clients are saying

Image by Joseph Barrientos

Gina was born to do this work. Her unique approach to being your true self and living your best life has helped countless people to heal and feel comfort. She has truly found her calling! 

-Diane Romano2020

Gina is a great person and an outstanding coach.  She has embraced the JRNI coaching concepts and blended them with her own challenges and life’s events to put her in a unique position to help a lot of people.   Such effortless authenticity is a rare gift! I was in CT, she was in NJ, I might as well have been sitting across her kitchen table from her.   Gina has a way of engaging her client and basically just sucking you into a conversation with her. She was able to challenge my thinking about building my audience/practice very effectively.

-Bob H2020

I had the great fortune of meeting Gina at a cooking class in Tuscany, Italy and I know I’ve made a lifelong friend.  Gina pushes me to be a better person, her positive energy is inspiring and insightful.  She has a way of viewing the world and putting things in perspective which is inspirational.   I highly recommend Gina, grazie mille for all you do! 

-Rosemary Milano 2020

Gina definitely has a gift and has found her purpose in comfort and healing. I had the most pleasant experience in a relaxed and peaceful environment. I left lighter and refreshed. I would highly recommend trying a session.

-Kimberly Malfitano2019

I had a wonderful reiki session with Gina. I truly felt her healing energy during the session and she was spot on when describing the energy she was picking up in me. It was a reset and a fresh start to my 2018. I highly recommend Gina for anyone looking to release and shift energies as they move forward in the New Year.  Gina is such a beautiful soul with so much to give this world! I highly recommend sessions with her immediately!

-Susannah Harte 2018

Gina is such a beautiful soul with so much to give this world! I highly recommend sessions with her immediately!

-Reiki Master James Bene2018

Image by Saffu

One day Gina came in for a facial and abruptly stopped me in my tracks to ask me if I was okay.  It was weird because she’s never done that before.  I told her yes and went along with her service.  Next thing I know, out of now where, I start bawling uncontrollably.  At that time she casually tells me that she does Reiki and knew that I had to release what I was holding in.  I was at a complete loss for words.  She has helped me work through some major situations in my life.  With her help, I am learning how to open up and let go.

-Shantell Wicks, 2020

Gina is one of the most amazing healers I’ve ever met. She made a profound difference in my life and I treasure her as much as our entire community does.

-Marguerite Imbert 2019

I met Gina on a retreat for sober women and she provided a group reiki session during the weekend. In that group session I began healing places in my heart that were causing me confusion and stagnation. When I left the retreat I felt clear that I needed to continue this journey and was thrilled that Gina was able to provide one on one virtual reiki sessions.  I began my journey in April of 2022 and am continuing with my virtual healing sessions into 2023. Gina has a very special and unique spiritual gift that allows one to safely and gently lean into places of the heart that are calling for shifts and awakening. Each session I leave with more energy confidence and clarity towards my personal and professional goals. It amazes me that more people do not give themselves this beautiful gift of spiritual healing and restoration. Gina you are a gift to me and my 2 children! Bless you and thank you!

-Laurie McGarvey, 2023

In this ever-changing world Gina Andreano fortuitously arrived at a place within herself to give and to serve others. Her life’s experiences coupled with her maturity and knowledge has given her an ability to help others reach within themselves and to become more aware of the spiritual depth of this journey. 

-John Traficante2018

I highly recommend booking a session with Gina. She was amazing and I felt oh so relaxed and fulfilled.  

-Dawn Morris Peguero2017

Such a great experience. Mind and body extremely refreshed. I highly recommend the session. 

-Rose Veloce Corea2017

A big thank you to Soul Space Place. You have made my first Reiki experience such a pleasure and I am so happy I kept an open mind. I didn’t know what to expect. The energy was beautiful as soon as I arrived but doesn’t compare to the energy shift I felt when I left. A calming spiritual experience. You are a beautiful Soul Gina Adreano. 

-Maribeth Rotundi, 2021

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