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Bless Everything.

It’s Sunday, the last Sunday of this year – 2019, of this decade. 2020 arrives in just 2 days and I feel so many things.  Firstly, 2020 seems to me like such a beautiful number.  It’s roundedness and groundedness are jumping out at me – and speaking to me in a very profound way.  I feel good about moving into those numbers – 2020!!  Even as I sit here with laptop on my lap gazing forward out my window onto the city of my hometown – Hoboken I feel a sense of peace, of embrace…of joy.  The tops of the buildings that peek at me are old and familiar. The birds sitting atop them are waiting to take flight and that’s the notion I have…ready to take flight, to soar. 

New beginnings are ahead.  An energy and a new year, but also a new career, a new relationship with Self, a renewed sense of understanding about all of the relationships in my life. A more in-depth immersion into acceptance and being of service. Welcoming of all these new ideas, energies – the knowns and the unknowns. The days ahead bring with them possibilities and opportunities – resolve and resolution and days and hours leading towards this New Year lend to me the very real and blissful concept of release.  Letting go of nonsense and conflict and seeing all of any trial or tribulation through the eyes of Gratitude and Growth. 

2020 brings with it for all of us a renewed sense of Everything.  As I allow myself to submerge into the depths of warm thoughts and grateful memories – I invite each being to join me in a quiet meditation of Release and Heartwarming excitement for the blessings of living the lives we are Graced to live. Be where your feet are, be present to those around you or to yourself when you happen to be alone.  Know your hearts and allow for moments of true light to come in and cast away shadow.  But also be sure to Thank the shadows for without them we would not know Light. 

Let the ending of this decade find you in stillness, if even for a moment to gift God in return for all of the blessings bestowed upon our friends and families….upon Us.

Bless everything and everyone as they cross your mind and your heart. <3

I wish you a graceful and abundant, blessed 2020!!

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