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Choosing Your Reality

“The Universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It is what we see it as being.  What we see and hear and feel all comes from our own personal state of consciousness.  When we open to the mere idea that we are in even the smallest of ways, responsible for our experiences – we have set forth on a path towards joy and freedom.  We get to choose! Life will, quite often deliver up, sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes in epically colossal ways, doses of ‘life on life’s terms’. We are here in the world amongst masses of thoughts and perceptions…wounds and victimization and we will bump into those energies along the course of the way. 

But, we still get to choose what our realities are going to be, one day at a time. When I see through the eyes of gratitude and beauty, I deliver those energies back out into the Universe. When I see past my own hurts and suffering, I see lesson and growth. When I see people in suffering and not able to see past that suffering, I’m being blessed by knowing I have a choice. How do we dip into these waters?  We stop running from ourselves and our feelings and we meditate. We start by practicing to sit still, close our eyes, go in and take a look around for maybe 10-20 minutes a day, maybe 2 times a day. Get to know how you’re observing the world, Who the person is in observance of that world. Is your experience one of true gratitude for the walk you’ve walked? Or is it one of a lesser energy – are you seeing only pain?

When we realize that our experiences are a reflection of who resides in our temple, we can choose to see through different eyes.  Choose your reality. Choose to see all that you’ve come through as your ‘walk about’ and be grateful for the wisdom it has instilled in you.  

Today I choose to see my reality of Self, the world and my walk as a sacred walk.  It has all grown me into a more compassionate, loving and peaceful being. I am grateful…for ALL of it and that is the energy that I wish to share with the world.

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