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Opening the door to choice

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”―Rumi 

Much of our reality is based on our thinking, change your thinking, change your reality.  Sounds simple…but we know it’s far from that. But it is not impossible, in fact, it’s very possible. One of the greatest gifts I’ve come to know is self-awareness.  If we know how it feels to think our thoughts, especially those that feel uncomfortable, or painful even, which we ARE meant to experience, we have opened the door to CHOICE. We allow ourselves to feel the feelings, not take up residency in them…let them go or to focus our attention on another thought. 

Mindfulness helps a great deal in this respect. When you’re in an uncomfortable (thought)feeling, stop, take prize of what you’re feeling, what were you thinking?? Look around at what your surrounded by, nature, people, life, recall a funny moment, a lovely exchange…choose a ‘feel good thought’…your energy will immediately shift.  Don’t believe me, try it. It’s a practice, like anything that goes against our default; meditation, yoga, mindfulness. We practice and after a while the change becomes our new normal. As humans, thinking is part of our existence. We will never stop…until we die of course (I think ;). But we don’t have to sink into an abyss of negativity. 

Changing ourselves is a courageous process to embark upon.  We only get there by bottoming out on not feeling good, on having had enough of blaming others and the world for how we feel. Choose to change yourself, watch the world around you change.  

Today I choose to change myself and in doing so,

my view on the world is brighter. 

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