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What the Sea delivers to the Shore…

What the sea delivers to the shore…I don’t know why but as I walked the beach today and came l upon this piece of drift wood that was enormous and heavy I found myself standing there in astonishment. It was far from the oceans edge, and I thought how did this get all the way up here?? The ocean no longer needed it. It served whatever it’s purpose was and when the mission was complete…the ocean chucked it up on the shores. And once again I’m reminded that we are all part of everything. I am the ocean and the shore and the drift wood. Each part having a purpose and in its motion. When we have completed a process of growth, pain, suffering, relation…it is in our best interest to let it go or deliver it to the shore as the ocean so eloquently did with this drift wood. It will be, I’m sure, discovered by someone and possibly land in the middle of a wall somewhere or sold on Etsy. What we release is more than what we longer need, it hosts the ability to be purposeful elsewhere.   Our darkest stories are the very bits that lighten the way for someone else. Let go of what’s ready to leave, be it a person or a process…create space within yourself for your next as you give in return to the greater consciousness.

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