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Who’s in the Mirror?

‘We attract that which we need, in order to heal the parts of us that have become disconnected.’

At some point, not long ago I came to the understanding that the people in my life served as mirrors to me.  At first, it took a while to really align with the concept.  Then what happened next is that I recognized that I would hold the mirror only, to those reflections of darkness or negativity…struggle or strife – things that I may have worked on already…or that had been a current topic of discovery. 

I took to doing ‘recalls’ of relationships past.  Loves, Family, Co-workers…anything that I could conjure up that would satisfy my need to focus on darkness or conflict in any or all of those connections.  ‘Oh if he’s afraid, then it must be mirroring my fear of…whatever – everything’.  See where I’m going?? Work, work, work.  I became obsessed with swimming around in MY darkness. Picking it apart, uncovering more and more of what I believed about myself was, BAD or NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  Not truly able to, or willing to, see my light. 

Suddenly, I found myself in a conversation with a friend, someone I truly love and adore and thank God for, on a daily.  I listened as she shared some issues she had been contending with.  The wonder of friendships, that creates safe spaces for us to honestly be and work through the echelons of our psyches.  I listened to her pain and confusion and I watched how after a long enough time and some back and forth, she found her way into a lighter more loving flow.  Her strengths and her courage to swim through all the different bodies of emotion – show her vulnerabilities – cry, then laugh was one of the most moving processes I can recall ever being witness to, and grateful for being a part of. 

When the storms of issues and difficult emotions cleared and the weather changed to sunny and warm, we both realized that we had walked one another through a storm, together.

We all have adversity and things to deal with.  We cannot avoid for too long, that which we need to address.  The topics that raise our awareness to feeling our feelings or exposing our vulnerabilities are just the representatives of what we need to work through or sort out within our Souls and Self, to realign with our Highest most precious selves.

The mirror concept for me has changed.  I’m finally able to see the truth of who I am and it is simply because of the beautiful, sometimes even difficult people in my life.  I’m a person among persons here just trying to ‘be my best self’.  My goal today is to see all parts of me, through the eyes of compassion.  I can only do that by being aware of the blessings of those that surround me.  It is not my nature to see my LIGHT, I go to my darkness first.  But it is only because of my darkness that I can recognize that I AM LIGHT. 

The people that God has gifted me with are Angels.  They show up in all of their wonder and glory to deliver to me, the gift of revealing a most beautiful reflection of myself. 

I am grateful for the walks that we walk…sometimes alone, but the most wonderful are those we walk together.

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