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Keep Going

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

#keepgoing if it’s not here, all that you desire or search for...then it will meet you on your way. Promise ✌🏼 ✨ ✨

Did you ever wonder why the human mind is only and always temporarily satisfied? I believe its because if we were fully whole and fulfilled there would be nothing more to walk towards, to wish for.

How would we then grow our faith - practice our faith? How would we then propose to get closer to divinity/God? Which is part of our purpose. To love and know ourselves, our God-Self/Higher Self truly and intimately. So when you muster up the courage to look around your life, connect with what is true and you see disconnectedness, or fear, doubt in the world...this is where the magic is leading you to reconcile those very things within yourself. ✨ ✨

So...Keep going is what I wish for you...there is more. ❤️✨

Love and enormous light!! @soulspaceplace I will walk with you towards your magic!!

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