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Mind Your Words

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Anyone that knows me well will recognize this little ditty. I am always reminding my friends and family to be careful with their words. ✨

This is more about how you speak to yourself - how WE speak to ourselves. It’s often harsh. ✨

The words that are rolling around and around in our minds are so important to how we feel about ourselves. How we go about our day. ✨

So speak with kindness and compassion to yourself. Your inner dialogue is monumentally important. None of us are meant to be perfect - ever. We are only meant to do our best to love, accept and forgive. ✨

Of course it’s a practice...Cancel, clear, delete is wonderful tool to call on when you’ve caught yourself in the flow of old behavior. It’s sort of an erase and reset. ✨

If the inner dialogue changes, the outer does as well. When we speak to others with ill-intent the truth is, we are not only hurting them, we’re hurting ourselves. ;) ✨

Clean it up and watch the difference in how YOU feel!

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